How to Recycle Non-Traditional Items in New Jersey

Are you aware that the State of New Jersey has a goal to recycle 60% of its waste stream by 2030? This goal requires that both “traditional” source separated materials and “non-traditional” items are recycled.

This article will explain what these materials are, where they should go and how to order additional bins.

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Different Types of Items That You Can Recycle in New Jersey

When you have a blue recycling cart, check the lid to make sure you are recycling only the items listed below. You may also be surprised to learn that some items can be recycled more than others. For the most part, you should recycle all materials listed below.

To learn more, click on the different types of items that you can recycle.

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Recycle in New Jersey – Common Recycle Questions Answered

Living in New Jersey, you might curious about the state’s recycling regulations, you may have some common questions.

  • What can I recycle in NJ?
  • Do plastic hangers count?
  • Where can I find more information?
  • And what kind of plastics are recyclable in NJ?

Read on to learn about the different options available to you.

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How to Start a New Jersey Travel Blog

Vacations are an inevitable part of our lives. People need vacations to leave that hectic pace and get peace of mind. They search for a perfect destination, new experiences, and a good time. 

New Jersey – the place for your vacation? Who knew? Well, you probably have been aware of it. Perhaps you have been to this place.

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